Best of MWC 2018!

Before MWC there are just rumors rumors and rumors everywhere
Finally the amazing event took place few days ago where some rumors went terribly wrong and some rumors went perfectly right!!!
I pick some gadgets which are the eye catching in this event like;
*Galaxy S9&S9PLUS
The Camera of S9Plus is Phenomenal
This is the flagship from NOKIA in this event it comes with 16:9display with thin edges which looks pretty good it have an edge to edge display overall this device looks good to me its camera and processor is also Good
*Sony Xperia XZ2
Simply i call it a beast from SONY
*LG V30S ThinQ
A highlight Camera flagship beast in performance with first time AI Features it has two rear awesome shooters of 16+13MP
*ASUS Zenfone5
A Dashing&Dazzling looking IPhone X Clone in a high midrange segment 
The most attractive gadget of this event is this Vivo phone which have the thinnest bazels till date and a first phone with fingerprint sensor under the display 
This gadget from NOKIA impress me very much it's camera processor display everything looks perfect in a mid range segment
Well the price of this device decide the fate of this as per rumors its price is going to be 399euros which looks a bit more to me It will be a killer if it comes b/w 300-350us dollars

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