Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Mobile Platform(Overview)

Snapdragon has announced the first 700 series SoC named as Snapdragon 710 which is looking more powerfull than Snapdragon 600 series (625/636/660 SoC) but less than 800 Series (830/835/845SoC)!

The Snapdragonn 710 is built on 10nm and features a "Multicore AI engine", neural network  processesing capabilities.It features the latest Snapdragon X15 Lte modem which is said to support downloading speed upto 800Mbps. Brand new Karyo 360 CPU which is an octa-core CPU (2.2 Ghz), Brand new Adreno 616 GPU which means there is alot of improvement in graphics and in 3D gaming,,Latest Qualcomm Spectra ISP through which it supports Dual Camera upto 20MP and Single Camera upto 32MP, Supports 4k videos at 30 fps and also supports 4k HDR videoplayback . It supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 by which the battery consumption is reduced upto 40%. It supports Bluetooth 5.0. 
  We'll see this chipset in Smartphones from the second Quarter of 2018. 

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