Whatsapp Bussiness App (Explained)

Whatsapp Bussiness App; There are alot of questions in mind when we hear about whatsapp bussiness app that how this app works related to bussiness things here we have explanations or reports of this app; Basically This app is built on the same platform as Whatsapp messenger, however boasts of some additional features including verified profiles along with features like Quick replies, Greeting messages and away #messages. Whatsapp will add 'Chat Filters' that will help admins of Whatsapp bussimess accounts search messages quickly. The 'Chat Filters' options will group users in unread chats, groups and broadcast categories. The admin will just have to touch on the search bar to access these filters. It is quite similar to the action button on INSTAGRAM which help bussinesses to briing chat of priority customers directly to the inbox.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           With this feature on Whatsapp, bussinesses can expect to have better and timely communication with their priority and potential customers to provide better services!                                                       This App is on the Playstore it was launched in DEC_JAN and is on the playstore since January 2018.                                                                                                                                                        There is also a big rumored  news related to this that FACEBOOK has big plans for enabling bussinesses with Whatsapp as a 'key communication platform'  It seems like the social media giant has decided to start by helping bussinesses to quickly search for potentional customers on Whatsapp.

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