Qualcomm's 2nd Generation Snapdragon 850 For Windows 10 Devices (Overview)

In Computex 2018, After Snapdragon 835,Qualcomm has unveiled another processor for PC/Laptops which are running on Windows 10. The Processor is named as Snapdragon 850 and it is exclusive for Window 10 devices and we'll not see it Smartphones.

Qualcomm's 2nd Generation Snapdragon 850 For Windows 10 Devices (Overview)

Basically it is improved version of Snapdragon 845 with some changes.

Qualcomm Claimed that this new processor will bring 30% imprroved performance alongside 20% improved battery life as compared to the previous Snapdragon PC/Laptops processor 835. Thanks to Qualcomm tuning its 2nd Generation 10nm processor specifically for computing and making improvements to power delivery.Beyond core performance Snapdragon 850 also comes with a new Snapdragon x20 modem, allowing PCs to tap into the 10MHz Licensed LTE band for greater international connectivity.

Ultra 4HD or 4K Playback and capture are both now enabled thanks to new Qualcomm Adreno 630 visual processing engine. We might also could see virtual surround sound as the new chip supports Qualcomm's Aqstic&aptX Audio Standard...

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