Twitter Lite - Expands to 21 more Countries

Throwback in April 2017, Twitter introduced a Data friendly Lite version of the Twitter named as Twitter Lite. 

At that time it was only available as a Bookmark that acted as an app through Google Chrome.

But later in December 2018, it was launched as a separate app on Google Play in 24 but it was available in 24 Countries. 

Twitter Lite - Expands to 21 more Countries

Today Twitter Lite is gone in 21 more countries, the company announced it via a blog post.

These 21 countries includes: Argentina,India,Belarus,Zimbabwe,Dominican Republic,Ghana,Guatemala,Honduras,Indonesia,Jordan,Kenya,Lebanon,Morocco,Nicaragua,Paraguay,Romania,Turkey,Uganda,Ukraine,Uruguay and Yemen.

Twitter Lite offers features like Data saver by that you will see only that images or gif or videos which you want instead of playing at its own like on the Twitter. You can save threads and tweets for later. You can receive push notifications and there is a night mode that is easier on the eyes. 


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