Samsung Galaxy S10 - In-display Selfie Camera Rumored

Throwback in MWC 2018, SAMSUNG unveiled its Flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. Since that, we are hearing alot of rumors regarding the Galaxy S10. 
There was rumors that SAMSUNG is working on an In-Display Fingerprint sensor smartphone which we think that might be the Galaxy Note 9. But as we see in the previous month that Note 9 comes with a rear mounted Fingerprint sensor. So now there are strong chances that the Galaxy S10 might be the first SAMSUNG device to come with In-Display Fingerprint sensor. There are also rumors that the upcoming Flagship will features three cameras on the back. 
Despite these rumors, there is another interesting thing comes out regarding the device that it might come with an "In-Display Selfie camera" which also works an an Face Unlock or IRIS Scanner. We saw a leaked GIF Photo of the device and think to share it with you also.

Well we have already seen the complete bezel-less smartphones from Chinese smartphone brands like OPPO and VIVO. But if the galaxy comes with Bezel-less display along with an In-Display selfie camera that will be a Awesome. As we have not seen any In-display selfie camera smartphone yet. Despite the full-view display the OPPO and VIVO smartphones was came with a pop-up or a motorized camera. 
However these are just rumors and nothing is officially confirmed by the company so let's wait to see that what's the actual and complete package of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S10.
Stay tuned for further updates!

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